The Georgia Strait Supporters

The Georgia Strait Supporters are a community of people from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, who support the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club.

We are an all ages, non membership, independent, supporters group of the Vancouver Whitecaps. We live primarily in Nanaimo BC, the Comox Valley, Campbell River and all the way up to Port MacNeil - and one of our friends joins us from Pender Island ... continue reading

The Cascadia Cup 

The Cascadia Cup came to our part of the island and we had some fun with it.

If you weren't able to join us on the ferry home after the match vs New York have a look at some of the photos we took as we brought the Cascadia Cup to Nanaimo with us.

Also we held our first Away Event at Fibber Magees where the Cascadia Cup was the star of the show, and so was Hazel.

Here is a look at our journal of what the Cascadia Cup has been up to while it has been in our part of Vancouver Island.

Thanks to the Southsiders for letting us enjoy the Cascadia Cup on Vancouver Island and in Nanaimo.

2014 Events

Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, we have had to change the way we do our viewing parties. Rather than hosting scheduled private events, we are going to take a more impromptu and interactive approach. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, and Twitter feeds for viewing announcements throughout the season.

Thank you for donating to the Georgia Strait Supporters.